W.SCHILLIG Certification


EMAS the highest European award


EMAS is the highest European award for systematic (corporate) environmental management. In participating in EMAS, companies decide on the optimal solution in the field of environmental management systems. At the same time, as participants in EMAS, they meet the materials requirements of the globally applicable EN ISO 14001 standard. In addition, they are committed to constantly improve their businesses’ environmental performance above the level already required by law. Moreover, EMAS informs the public by environmental declaration about environmental protection, environmental effects, the environmental policy and the measures planned and implemented. Compliance check with environmental legislation by EMAS verifier – in the process, the participants are tested to see if they in fact do abide to regulations. This is ensured by cooperating with environmental authorities within the registration process. With this, EMAS characterizes itself by its transparency, credibility and legal certainty. EMAS participants are pioneers in corporate environmental protection measures and reliable partners for eco-management. Public display of the EMAS logo demonstrates the participant’s commitment to the environment.

EMAS Urkunde

Even better protected

W.SCHILLIG - Emissionslable

The emissions label developed by the German Furniture Quality Association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. – DGM) ensures that consumers are better protected against health impairments due to emissions of pollutants in furniture. Displayed directly on the product, the emissions label bestowed on W.SCHILLIG in 2015 for its entire collection attests to classification in the highest A Class with the lowest levels of contamination. It meets the requirements of the limits under RAL GZ 430/4 and RAL UZ 117 (upholstered furniture).


Quality is our main concern at W.SCHILLIG. The frame is solidly built of hardwood or metal. Top grade coil springs, soft or hard, or Bultex foam on solid springing forms the support for the upholstery. The filling is a fine compound of quality foam and modern brand name materials. To do justice to the very different international requirements, we deliver to our trade partners according to their specific needs, e.g. the USA, and the UK among others. Despite highly mechanized manufacturing methods, the craftsman’s experience is a crucial factor for the quality of our products. Every production phase is subjected to a quality check. Every upholsterer is responsible for a complete individual order. Our products are also regularly tested according to the strict regulations of the furniture seal of quality RAL GZ 430/4 for healthy living and therefore do not present a hazard to health.

Certification marks

DGMOur models are produced according to the DIN and RAL guidelines of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V. (German Furniture Makers Quality Association), and are inspected in all functional and material areas by authorised/ certified institutes, e.g. the Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (LGA). They conform with the strict German and EU guidelines. Here, furniture is placed within a climatic chamber and checked for harmlessness according to regulations.

This quality mark guarantees, among others, a low-emission and non-toxic product. It is the only quality mark for furniture in Europe and guarantees continuous certified product quality. As a member of the German Furniture Makers Quality Association, W.SCHILLIG undergoes permanent inspections.


Approval License
Document of compliance

Environmental statement

With this environmental statement, W.SCHILLIG clarifies the self-conception in environmentally relevant questions and in environmental policy for the whole company. Furthermore, developments and efforts in environmental planning and environmental protection are documented and wherever possible, concrete figures are mentioned for the previous year.The statement is dedicated to sustainability and reveals that all economic activity in interaction with the environment is understood as elemenary building block for the company.

Environmental report (in German)


»resources SAVED« – resource conservation through recycling

Interseroh – »resources SAVED« – Ressourcenschonung durch RecyclingTogether with W.SCHILLIG, Interseroh contributes to recovering valuable raw materials, conserving natural resources and protecting the climate. The renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT proves the positive ecological effects of this commitment in regular studies. To achieve this, W.SCHILLIG relies on innovative environmental technologies and comprehensive recycling activities that protect the climate, environment and resources.

»resources SAVED« – Ressourcenschonung durch Recycling

W.SCHILLIG supports the climate protection

The sun is one of the most important sources of energy today. The sun's energy does not consume any raw materials and does not release any pollutants or greenhouse gases.

The sun's rays are converted into heat. On the roofs of W.SCHILLIG's company buildings with the help of sunlight, the photovoltaic modules produce electrical »green« electricity. In this way the area of approx. 8,500 sqm can be used sustainably.