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Carry life lightly and enjoy it deeply is, after all, the sum of all wisdom.
– Wilhelm von Humboldt –

Top seating comfort with a long tradition – W.SCHILLIG has stood for first-class seating furniture with the best seating comfort for decades. With our exceptionally high level of development expertise in the areas of seating comfort and the processing of high-quality materials – in conjunction with our international production locations – we are unique in Europe as an owner-managed company of this kind. This uniqueness is also reflected in our products!

Discover the new outdoor living feeling with the outdoor collection from W.SCHILLIG!

39500 Lagoona
Juicy Mandarin

Let the Sun shine! Lively orange ensures a good mood, pure “joie de vivre” and summer feeling! Let yourself be tickled by the sun on this corner combination that invites you to sit in a small group! Let yourself also be inspired by our decoration in the unconventionally imperfect boho style. Hippie chic is the popular and cutting-edge living trend that is currently experiencing a rapid upswing.

Sunny side up!

39500 Caribic Mint
Caribic Mint

Beach-Feeling. Fresh mint provides visual cooling and reminds us of summer, sun, sunshine and beaches with turquoise blue water. Enjoy that paradise feeling at home with this generous combination that can become a shady oasis of calm!

Breathe fresh air!

First Romance

Delicate and light-hearted like the petals of a daisy, this picture story comes across. If you prefer a clean, fresh look, this is exactly what you need! Experience lightheartedness with this small but fine combination and let yourself be inspired by our modern-romantic look.

How do daisies actually know who loves whom?

39500 Cool Grey
Cool Grey

To be or not to be. Chic grey is the colour mood for all those who like it discreet, cool and neutral. Concentration on the essentials is very important here: Rest and just breathe. Pure relaxation. Let yourself be inspired by our look in elegant and meditative style for the Zen oasis at home.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

39500 Easy going
Easy going

Chill out your life. The black and white colour concept provides structure. Playing cleverly with the contrasts, the spacious lounge combination shown here looks very interesting and extremely comfortable. As structured as the colour harmony is, the outdoor furniture can be easily rearranged – easy going. So that you can simply take a more „chilled“ approach to life. Bold eye-catchers in sunny colours inspire this look to youthful playfulness. Do you realise how versatile the combination of grey and white is?

The disadvantage of doing nothing is that you never know when you‘re done.

Easy going

Chill out your life. Here, the kids can show you how it‘s done very easily: Simply replace and rotate a plateau and exchange the seat and corner element - in no time at all, the result is a completely different seating landscape. There are no limits to the imagination. The elements are really almost as light as a feather and very easy to put on.

Easy to change.

39500 Sail Away
Sail Away

Maritime Blue. Counteract wanderlust and bring the sea into your home. With this maritime colour theme, you will fill your terrace with fresh energy. Experience inner peace and transcendence: If you listen carefully – maybe you can hear the ocean gently rushing?

Life is too short for “someday“. – Welcome aboard!

39500 Ocean

and Seagrass. Be brave for once and simply combine the colours green and blue. Together, they create naturalness and freshness. This look reminds us of the vast ocean, interspersed with fields of delicate seaweed. Calming and inspiring, isn‘t it? The little lagoon for the small terrace or the balcony in the flat.

“There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shore, no matter how many times it has been sent away.“
– Sarah Kay –


Finally closing time! This dream lounge offers enough space for a nice get-together among friends for a cosy after-work drink in a relaxed atmosphere. This arrangement is extremely generous and can accommodate at least 8 people. Enjoy your well-deserved evening and see what develops from such a balmy summer night.

"You have to combine the two and let them alternate with each other, solitude and conviviality. One awakens in us the longing for people, the other the longing for ourselves."
– Seneca –

39500 Hot like Fire
Hot like Fire

Cuddle factor guaranteed! Lagoona and campfire romance also go wonderfully together. Plenty of space and room to warm up together by the fire and relive old stories, or to snuggle up under the stars. Let your dreams come true.

"If we all spent more time singing under the stars around the campfire, the world would be a whole lot more in order."
– Gesa Neitzel in Breakfast with Elephants –

39510 Lagoona dark
39510 Lagoona dark
Get the party started

No grey mood! Our grey, neutral covers were combined here with fine accents in orange-red. For this, we simply placed the cushions from our Accessories 39599 on the ensemble. The modern look blends in everywhere and flatters your terrace. The composition of the furniture here was configured for a smaller space, yet there is still enough room to celebrate in a cosy circle.

"I think if life has given you lemons, you should make lemonade and find someone to whom life has given vodka to have a party together."
– Ron White –

39510 Lagoona dark Feeling Blue
Feeling Blue

After rain comes sunshine. This dream in blue has been accentuated with contrasting splashes of yellow.
The cool yet sunny look is reminiscent of the first warming spring sun. The composition of the furniture was additionally complemented here by an ottoman.

"I want to do for you what spring does to the cherry trees."
– Pablo Neruda –

39502 Lagoona light
39502 Lagoona light Playing funny Games

funny Games! This large lounge combination has room for the whole family. Nothing stands in the way of fun playtime on the sun terrace.
Get going and feel good!

"Because, to put it bluntly, man only plays where he is in the full sense of the word human being, and he is only fully human where he plays."
– Friedrich Schiller –

39502 Lagoona light Enjoy the Sunset

Enjoy the Sunset. This lovely olive green makes Lagoona light 39502 shine wonderfully and yet has a calming and liberating effect. Perfect for the small, green oasis at home. This cosy combination is space-saving for the small balcony or the mini terrace island.

"Sunset is still my favourite colour and rainbow is a close second."
– Mattie Stepanek –

39502 Lagoona light Sushi

makes life more beautiful The blue colour combination brings a little cooling on hot days. Here we have wildly mixed plain and patterned covers to suit your mood. Here, the lounge has been put together in an L-shape with the stool element.

"Sushi is good for the heart and makes you incredibly happy."
– unknown –

39530 Bailandoo
39530 Bailandoo Relaxing Green Namasté

Relaxing Green: Namasté. "Work-life balance" is based on a fulfilled private life. Take time for yourself, to relax and for your soul. In this way, the whole inner attitude can become more peaceful and balanced – as in the "inside" so in the „outside“. When we meet a person with "Namasté", we also acknowledge the individual soul and the divine spark in the heart of the other person. A very special appreciation, then.
Here, the green colour effect is relaxing and restorative for the whole body. Green also has a calming effect on the nervous system. For this Bailandoo group, we have combined very harmonious colours from our Poutpourri.

For more mindfulness.

39530 Bailandoo Mint meets Blush
Mint meets Blush

Professional success and the ability to achieve top performance are based on a fulfilled private life. This is the quintessence of the term „work-life balance“.
For example, bring a little more balance into your work life and that of those around you by simply making the next team meeting more unconventional. Shifting the location, creating visual stimuli and a beautiful atmosphere inspire new ideas!
The wow effect in the colour play, which was created here by combining fresh mint with warm blush, is extravagant and yet looks calm and natural.

Realise yourself!

39530 Bailandoo Classic Accent
Classic Accent

Celebrate success! When the goals have been achieved after the work is done and the stress is relieved, a success can also be celebrated among colleagues. Rejoice together over positive conclusions and formulate thoughts and visions for the next goals.
We support non-territorial office concepts, creativity and good ideas with our modern seating solutions. Because conventional offices with fixed desks are simply no longer in keeping with the times.
Classic grey has been spiced up here relatively simply with a few splashes of colour in the colourful patterned pillow.

Here’s to the next goals!

39530 Bailandoo Purple Rain
Purple Rain

Violet stands out and sets original accents. Here, earthly red and heavenly blue unite and become the epitome of the mystically mysterious.
As you can see here, a bold colour choice for the covers can have a very appealing effect. Mixed with opulent purple, visual attention is easily achieved.

Be brave for once.

Sustainability is close to our hearts

Sustainability is close to our hearts


  • German Furniture Quality Association
  • Emission label
  • EMAS
  • Interseroh certificate for saved resources


  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Monitoring of operational processes by an  Environmental Officer
  • Optimisation of processes and use of materials
  • Life of systematic environmental management
  • Use of environmentally compatible materials
  • Consideration of environmental protection aspects


    Sustainability should not be „trendy“, but is a firm anchor in our corporate philosophy.

    Passion for more quality

    W.SCHILLIG – Quality with a golden M

    Quality Made in Germany

    Passion for more quality

    W.SCHILLIG outdoor furniture is made with true craftsmanship down to the last detail. From the frame to the cover, we guarantee high-quality, environmentally friendly materials that are carefully and precisely processed. The majority of W.SCHILLIG furniture is still made by hand. You can feel the decades of experience of our employees in the quality of our products. The quality management of W. SCHILLIG is checked annually by the TÜV Rheinland AG. All W.SCHILLIG products also bear the RAL-GZ 430/4 quality mark for healthy living .

    Quality with a golden “M“
    W.SCHILLIG models are produced in accordance with the DIN and RAL quality guidelines of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V. (German Furniture Quality Association) and all functions and materials are checked by authorised testing institutes, for example the Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (LGA).

     The products have been developed in Germany, they have been significantly manufactured in Germany, the decisive part of the value-added chain as well as the significant finishing have taken place in Germany.

    Safety and care instructions
    Safety and care instructions

    Outdoor furniture is often purchased for reasons of appearance. As well as design, seating comfort and modern comfort functions are important decision factors. Regardless of material, construction and manufacturing, there are important product characteristics to take into consideration because later changes due to normal, natural usage do not represent a material defect. Outdoor furniture in particular was designed for use in specific conditions outdoors.

    Here you get valuable background information on outdoor furniture from W.SCHILLIG.

    • Important tips for outdoor furniture.
    • How to care for your outdoor furniture??

    Find out more here!

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