3D-Konfigurator von W.SCHILLIG

When the digital sofa moves into the living room …

MÖBELMARKT interviews CEO Erik Stammberger and Head of IT Pius Wolf about the new digital selling

We had already presented the 3D upholstered furniture configurator for the first time at the 2018 in-house exhibition. Following this premiere of digital 3D models on standard tablets, we are now presenting the next generation of this significantly enhanced software based exclusively on IDM data. Not only has the movement animation been optimised, but with the new »Generation 2«, end customers can finally plan, check and individually assemble their upholstered furniture at home while surfing the World Wide Web.

3D-Konfigurator von W.SCHILLIG

W.SCHILLIG innovative as never before

In the MÖBELMARKT interview (issue 01/2020) with CEO Erik Stammberger and IT manager Pius Wolf, it becomes clear that the 3D configurator sets standards for the new digital selling.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • With the 3D configurator, W.SCHILLIG is the first in the furniture industry to turn digital selling in furniture stores into a photorealistic experience.
  • W.SCHILLIG is currently the only manufacturer that offers a 3D system for the IDM format generally used in the furniture industry.
  • In the coming weeks, the 3D configurator will not only be placed on iPads, but also on sales terminals as a pilot project with first customers
  • and finally the 3D configurator for the first models will soon be available on our website for end customers.

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