Impressions. In-house exhibition 2021

"The Homebase as a relaxation Zone"

Relaxation factor as the king criterion for seating comfort.

At the presentation of the new products, the relaxation factor dominated at all times, both visibly and tangibly. Regardless of whether it's a relax sofa, armchair, recliner or armchair: the aim here is to find the optimum position for the body, so that relaxation and maximum ergonomics can complement each other. The dominator in terms of customer attention here was the motorised extendable footrest as well as the new interpretation of ergoline, which powerfully combines aesthetic accents with effective comfort functions.

A similar "comfort first" attitude was radiated by the furniture throughout the seat&eat area. The many, in some cases extended, seat samples of the
and the relaxed facial expressions clearly testified to this!

The visitors were thrilled!