Anniversary honours

and farewells into well-deserved retirement

It is always a special honour for W.SCHILLIG to honour employees for their many years of service to the company. Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony had to be cancelled in the last two years. CEO and owner of the Schillig Group Erik Stammberger and his wife Andrea were all the more pleased to finally be able to make up for this appreciation.

Erik Stammberger expressed his heartfelt thanks for the "many years of loyalty to the family business and the excellent cooperation. After all, it is the employees who put their creative energy into the service of the company and help to support and shape the development of the business." In addition to Markus Müller, Chairman of the Works Council, Björn Cukrowski, Deputy Managing Director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, also expressed his thanks and appreciation for the employees.

Erik Stammberger himself was also able to celebrate his 25th anniversary with the company and was surprised by Human Resources Manager Susanne Alber with a sympathetic review.

Honoured were

  • for 40 years of service: Joachim Brückner, Martina Büchner-Baumgärtner, Bettina Köhlerschmidt, Sabine May
  • for 25 years of service: Silvia Bläss, Jürgen Dehler, Helmut Jäschke, Uli Kasper, Anna Leirich, Ulrich Mahr, Detlef Meissner, Markus Müller + Erik Stammberger
  • for 10 years of service: Katrin Lahr, Dagmar Treuner

Afterwards, long-serving employees were bidden farewell to their next stage of life and well-deserved retirement in the course of the honours: Gerlinde Baudler, Ambros Engelmann, Bernhard Kreul, Robert Scherbel, Gitta Stöckert, Wolfgang Weidner, Udo Friedrich, Siegfried Renner.

A joint dinner rounded off the festivities and the one or other anecdote was shared in a relaxed atmosphere. 

In the picture, the jubilarians and retirees with Erik and Andrea Stammberger, Managing Director Christoph Schülner, Human Resources Manager Susanne Alber, Plant Manager Uwe Scheler and Björn Cukrowski from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.