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The sofa is the centre of our living space. After a long day we find relaxation and recreation here. It reflects our personality more than any other furniture and its style defines our living space! All the more important is the selection of the sofa, that suits you, because every family and every home is different. Every upholstery furniture receives a first impression through its cover:

  • elegant,
  • modern,
  • extravagant, or even
  • cosy and natural.

Through distinctive natural characteristics of leather your sofa is one of a kind. Fabric and its individual structure gives it a touch of life. Our leather collection features many different types and colours, giving you 150 options to choose from. There is also a wide selection of fabrics to match the latest colour trends.

Here you can discover the complete upholstery collection from W.SCHILLG: including Longlife Xtra leather, our Rohleder fabric collection as well as all other high quality upholstery covers, incolours that are, of course, perfectly colour coordinated with the W.SCHILLIG-leather collection.

The illustrated colour samples are only an example. Colour deviation due to different types of material and individual settings of monitors may vary. Decorative, felled or double seams may appear different in fabric or leather versions. For manufacturing reasons, seams may be left out or replaced with simple seams (model-specific).

Leather Z59 - Longlife Xtra by W.SCHILLIG

Easy-care and fashionably

Smooth leather Z59 is chrome-tanned and drum-dyed and features fashionable embossing, giving its grain a natural appearance.

Because of the fine embossing, Z59 has few natural features and a particularly even structure and colour. Being especially low-maintenance and light – fast, the leather is well-suited to families. Full use is made of natural features (scars, folds from fattening, as well as differences in structure and colour) and they can be found in all pieces of furniture. Healed brands are also used on the back covers. These features are not recognised as reasons for complaint.

The thickness of the hide of Z59 is 0.9 – 1.1 mm. The leather is a Longlife Xtra leather.

Longlife Xtra

About Longlife Xtra

Longlife Xtra leather is very supple, breathable and natural. Additionally it is durable and long-lasting. Guaranteed high light fastness and easy care of the leather, together with the five-year service warranty, ensures an optimum of reliability and pleasure with your upholstered Longlife furniture.


Please note: easy care is only possible in combination with the Longlife Xtra care set. Normal household dirt and grim must be removed immediately.

Further care instructions

To make sure that you can enjoy your furniture for as long as possible, we provide for free a Longlife Xtra cleaning set with cleaner (50ml), sponge and info card right at the beginning, i.e. with delivery of the furniture. It is specifically tailored to this high-quality Longlife Xtra leather. Other care sets for cleaning and care agent advice can be found at ww.moebelpflegeshop.de/en.

As a Longlife Xtra customer, you can register for the service guarantee and order your first Longlife Xtra Intensive Care set subject to charge – use this service – it will pay off. To initial registration or for initial ordering the warranty set: www.longlifextra.de

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