Sofa Pflege: Hygiene Reiniger für Ihr Ledersofa

Sofa care

Hygiene cleaner for your leather sofa

To make us feel really comfortable on our sofa, the antibacterial, germ-reducing and virus-inhibiting hygiene cleaner was developed especially for sensitive leather surfaces.


Always check for compatibility at a concealed location first! Shake bottle well before use. Put some cleaner on a lint-free, clean cloth and rub it in. Do not apply directly to the leather. Gently run the cloth over the leather in a slightly circular motion, always covering a large area, from seam to seam. Do not apply partially/pointwise, do not »rub«. After hygienic cleaning, wipe the leather with a damp cotton cloth, allow to dry well.


This product ensures hygienic cleanliness and is not suitable for removing stains or dirt.

Content: 200 ml

Hygiene cleaner