Company anniversaries at W.SCHILLIG

Many thanks for their loyalty to the company

Concentrated competence and professional experience were gathered when W.SCHILLIG Polstermöbelwerke invited their anniversary employees to a celebration in the showroom in Frohnlach on November 23, 2019. During this anniversary celebration, five employees were also bid farewell to their well-deserved retirement.

Erik Stammberger put people at the centre of his acceptance speech: »Continuity and loyalty to the company are the basis of our joint success. With your expertise and experience, you represent a value for us that cannot be expressed in numbers.You are the backbone of the company!« In addition to Works Council Chairman Wolfgang Säum, the Deputy General Manager of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Björn Cukrowski, also expressed his thanks and appreciation for the employees and stressed: »A company needs all age groups and each individual, no matter what position he or she holds, contributes to its success.«

After the official speeches, the celebration was rounded off with a joint dinner. Many anecdotes were told, and the jubilarians of different generations gladly took the opportunity to exchange their experiences. The following were honoured for 40 years of service: Udo Fischer, Harald Heller and Bernhard Kreul; for 25 years of seniority: Abderrahmane Benkrama, Nicole Ehrsam, Waldemar Koch and Manfred Kreul; for 10 years of service Lisa Michel ánd Elena Rausch. Into the well-deserved retirement were adopted Gabriela Armann, Rainer Bülling, Birgit Chihak, Sigrid Schelhorn and Erich Sadel.