Sofas with system: tom & sherry

[tom] & [sherry]

Quite clearly, the hidden champions are [tom] & [sherry]. No wonder – this system simply offers plenty of room for individuality and captures the spirit of the times. The extraordinary seating comfort, the playful details and the very loose upholstery are an invitation to enjoy and relax.

Choose between two comfortable back variants. Folding up the backrest turns [tom] into a comfortable high-back at the flick of a wrist; by simply folding up its back cushion, [sherry] invites the user to relax and dream. Just add the armrest of your choice – either cubic and plain, or else you can opt for the filigree adjustable armrest for even more feel-good comfort. You can even have your say when it comes to stitching; how about a highlighting seam – plain or with contrasting yarn – or perhaps a tuck?

As any woman knows: it’s the shoe that perfects the look. The situation here is similar. The legs available to choose from make the sofa an individual item all your own! Whether dainty or more dominant with runners – [tom] & [sherry] prove they are flexible and enjoy adapting to their owners.

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tom und sherry

german design award nominee 2018


enjoy in concept


For people wishing for a sofa they’ll never want to leave. [enjoy: sleep] has simply everything it takes! With just a push, the seat depth can adjust to the need at hand  – from comfortable-upright to relaxed chilling, [enjoy:sleep] runs the entire gamut of seating comfort! And once everything’s been tuned to a feel-good situation, the sofa can be transformed into a bed in no time, leaving just one more message: enjoy!

Enjoy and relax – the name says it all. Couch potatoes will be sure to ‘get their money’s worth’. Whether sitting or putting your feet up in comfort. With the ergotouch sensor, a single hand movement is all it takes to activate the integrated function and glide into the desired relax position. The magic word here is ‘ergoslide’. Experience extraordinary seating and relaxing comfort, courtesy of the W.SCHILLIG Company. Back and armrests are adjustable in several ways. Our tip: try it out and feel the ‘magic’

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enjoy relax und sleep


Daily Dreams

Daily Dreams - Thoughts learn to fly

Not only for daydreamers. This ingenious chaise system simply meets all the wishes. You choose from different frames, the most different functions as well as comfort widths. The dream chaise appears extremely adaptably and revolutionises your seat and lying comfort.

Combine your individual dream chaise:

The dream chaise appears extremely adaptably and revolutionises your seat and lying comfort. Choose from:

Manufactured in proven W.SCHILLIG quality
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Daily-Dreams Studiokonzepte


Update 13.09.2017 | App your Sofa!
"Sofa surfing" - anytime, anywhere: Now with iOS and Android!

Load the versatile variation wonder on your smartphone or tablet and select your favourite model!!
Yet again, we are keeping abreast of modern developments for our customers and draw on intelligent technical standards in order -not just with our sofas - to ensure comfortable use on the internet, too! Whether, laptop, tablet or smartphone, at home or on the road the W.SCHILLIG website is mobile. Scan it!

WS Polstermöbel APP für Android  WS Polstermöbel APP für iPhone und iPad  


Das Sofa - what a feeling!

Finally at home – to arrive and relax … A sofa is more than just a piece of furniture: sofa is a feeling! In life, we spend most of our time in bed – but the best of times on the sofa!

As the centre of our living room, it reflects our personality more than any other furniture. Its style defines our living space – the room in which we welcome friends, spend quality time together or just relax and enjoy life. W.SCHILLIG brings this feeling of well-being to your home! Quality, comfort and design create sofas full of life that you can see and feel.

For generations, our families oblige themselves to fulfilling these demands on an everyday basis. W.SCHILLIG stands for first class furniture by our skilled staff with their years of experience and German know-how.

What have we achieved so far? Where are our future challenges? What can we take from the past into the future, for our customers, staff and partners? Pausing and reflecting like this is essential for us. The wise saying “move with the times and time won’t pass you by” has been driving us for generations - not just to spot the latest trends, but also to be a trendsetter from time to time, to inspire new ways of thinking and to develop new concepts and collections for you. Move with the times - move with us!

What does sofa mean to you? Feeling good, relaxation, joy of life? Just lean back and be inspired …

Your Erik Stammberger