Family history

Willi Schillig

Trust is good, control is better!
  • Founded the company with his wife Trude during the post-war years
  • In lieu of a football career, he built up ”his” own club: VfL Fohnlach
  • Was in 1987 awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his achievements as an entrepreneur

Rolf Stammberger

For us, there‘s no such thing as not possible!
  • Pulled strings behind the scenes and internationalised the compa- ny through expansion in Hungary and the Czech Republic
  • ”Luxury for all” – made leather sofas affordable for many people

Erik Stammberger

He who does not move with the times will be removed over time.
  • Globalisation beyond Europe: New sales markets in Asia/USA, factory in China
  • Motivator and visionary who is professionally at home all over the world

Klaus Schillig

Learn with friends.
  • Is always very close to ”the front“ and has a good rapport with the sellers
  • As head of the möbelforums he is the interface for valuable information