W.SCHILLIG is always open to customers’ needs, to technical innovations and the latest market demands. This is the key to meeting and satisfying latest trends and expectations.

Today, enjoying life means the creation of individual living space that represents all one’s personal needs – whether in a single’s apartment, a generously-sized loft, an attic apartment, a family home or an old apartment. And the more diverse the surroundings are, the greater the need for flexible solutions. Furniture with character is popular again. Every detail has to be right. 

Jan Armgardt concentrates on environmental furniture development. His designs centre around people's living requirements and create unconventional, lively interiors.

Jan Armgardt

Wilhelm Bolinth plays a deciding role in design at W.Schillig. With his sense for the market and his creative, unmistakable touch, he transforms his visions into unique furniture.

Wilhelm Bolinth

Sylvain Joly creates internationally recognised prêt-á-porter furniture and is a genuine talent in his field. He works for customers all over the world. His products have already sold in their thousands.

Sylvain Joly

Anke Reuter studied architecture and design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and the University of Stuttgart. In addition to teaching roles at colleges in Stuttgart and Coburg, she works in close cooperation with the industry in the field of furniture and product design.

Anke Reuter