Bank ginger

Model | cover: 11790 ginger | 11800 Stuhlsystem Z73/99 / V39/97

Bank ginger

Elegant dining sofa …
… for comfortable meals. Coordinated shapes leave no doubt about the high-class design. You will love to dine with your loved ones in this extraordinary ensemble. The covers can be combined in quality and colour and thus leave much freedom for fantasy.

Design: Jan Armgardt


Discover the complete upholstery collection from W.SCHILLIG: including Longlife Xtra leather, our Rohleder fabric collection as well as all other high quality upholstery covers, incolours that are, of course, perfectly colour coordinated with the W.SCHILLIG- leather collection.

The illustrated colour samples are only an example. Colour deviation due to different types of material and individual settings of monitors may vary. Decorative, felled or double seams may appear different in fabric or leather versions. For manufacturing reasons, seams may be left out or replaced with simple seams (model-specific).


  • casual
  • combination
  • contrasting thread
  • grid
  • metal colour
  • spring core


Functional description and assembling instruction